Tax Rates (for taxes due April 15, 2015)

Tax RateSingle FilersMarried filing jointly or qualifying widow/widowerMarried filing separatelyHead of household
10%Up to $9,075Up to $18,150Up to $9,075Up to $12,950
15%$9,076 to $36,900$18,151 to $73,800$9,076 to $36,900$12,951 to $49,400
25%$36,901 to $89,350$73,801 to $148,850$36,901 to $74,425$49,401 to $127,550
28%$89,351 to $186,350$148,851 to $226,850$74,426 to $113,425$127,551 to $206,600
33%$186,351 to $405,100$226,851 to $405,100$113,426 to $202,550$206,601 to $405,100
35%$405,101 to $406,750$405,101 to $457,600$202,551 to $228,800$405,101 to $432,200
39.6%$406,751 or more$457,601 or more$228,801 or more$432,201 or more
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